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As our world continues to change at a breakneck pace, so too does the nature and model of today’s workplace. With the ongoing acceleration of hybrid work, technology plays a more critical role than ever before. Small and midsized enterprises now find themselves competing on a newly leveled playing field with large, and even multi-national enterprises. As a result, SMBs are being forced to rely on outside help and expertise from technology providers more so than ever before.

With this disruption comes tremendous opportunity.

This reliance is creating a vast array of new opportunities for VARS, Solution Providers, MSPs, CSPs and Systems Integrators.

And with the advent of newer, cutting-edge technologies such as cloud, edge computing, IoT, and AI, combined with SMBs’ desire to consume many of these new solutions as-a-service, there arises a demand for a new and contemporary information resource for tech providers to be able to succeed in this new marketplace.

What we’re seeing, though, is that to cut costs, many organizations are bypassing solution providers and going direct to distributors. They believe this will save them money. What they don’t realize is they are costing themselves more in the long term.

This is creating what we refer to as the “efficiency paradox”.

You see, a network isn’t just equipment.

It’s a complex technology stack, combining advanced servers, innovative storage solutions, edge computing, evolving cloud services, artificial intelligence, and an endless array of software and tools. And with the rapid pace of innovation, the landscape changes faster than they can keep up.

For example, if Moore’s Law is now Huang’s Law, and IoT the key to sustainable energy solutions, then the timely intelligent synthesis of these trends is what you’ll need to stay ahead of the fray.

In this new era of the hybrid workplace and technology-as-a-service model, new solutions are being introduced, new products are being brought to market, and new ways of using technology for customer experience are flooding the marketplace.

We recognize that as a solution provider, you bring value to your customers through your services and expertise.

You guide your customers through the changing landscape by understanding their problems and helping them find optimal solutions. But to do this to the best of your ability, you need a resource capable of curating insight with greater intelligence.

All these new instances are requiring new decision-making criteria and as such, the need for new information sources. In a paradigm shift, older and more traditional information sources cannot easily shift their original mission and charter to serve the new information needs of their audience – though new information sources can.

Since existing information sources cannot easily shift their coverage to fully address new information needs, new and contemporary information sources need to be created. New information resources are launched during the emergence of new paradigms, as they can be fully dedicated to providing just the new information necessary to make smart decisions in this new landscape. New info sources carry no baggage from previous eras of computing technology. This way they can be laser-focused in providing just the relevant and timely information for these new decision-making criteria.

This is what led us to launch The Channelist, a periodical specially designed to keep you on the leading edge.

Every week, we will deliver the critical updates on what’s new and what’s coming. Written by industry experts, The Channelist will empower you with the technical and business insight you need to increase the value you can deliver to your customers.

The Channelist’s dedicated mission and charter is to provide the “how to” guide for technology providers to build their businesses in this new era of business and technology. Older and more established brands are “news” focused and have an editorial mission and charter that features only vendor news, analysis, and perspectives. While their editorial approach has its place, it doesn’t offer best practices, tips, and techniques to technology providers on how to profit and prosper in this new as-a-service landscape.

The Channelist is being launched in response to the new information needs that have arisen because of this new paradigm shift. It has no roots or vestiges from previous technology eras.

We take the guesswork out of understanding technology so you can do what you do best: leverage technology to deliver the cutting-edge solutions your customers need to grow their businesses.

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