If you’re a channel partner looking for a vendor to sell products and services for, then you’re in good company. In 2022, 82% of B2B business leaders will be adding to their partner rosters while nearly 70% plan to boost their channel program budgets.


T-Mobile’s transformative 5G network is enabling the next generation of enterprise and government innovation to transform the future of living and working.


Anyone paying attention to the job market over the past two years has seen some staggering trends. First it was the “great resignation” and now the “great reshuffle.”


Apple is just one example of many global organizations that excel at selling and marketing great products. If channel companies and partners want to crush their revenue goals over the next 18 months, here are some fundamental principles from companies like Apple and Microsoft that they must adopt today.


As economists warn of another possible global economic meltdown and stagflation, smart businesses and channel partners know what few others know: Recessions are opportunities, not catastrophes.


Sustainability goes beyond protecting the environment. It is a holistic mindset that addresses the social, economic, and ethical implications of climate change along with social inequalities and wage disparities. Quite simply, sustainability is about understanding the strong link between ecological and social stability, and about creating the conditions for a thriving planet.


Channel partners come in many types and sizes, and there are often many overlapping aspects between different partners. Ultimately, you must make the call on what works for your organization and what types of partners resonate well with your growth goals and customer base.