More than 230 billion chips use Arm technology. From basic sensors to massive cloud datacenters, thousands of silicon vendors use Arm cores for their designs. Managing a complex partner ecosystem is critical for the company as it prepares for its second IPO.


The market for private cellular networks is expected to reach $80 billion by 2029. Nokia, the leader in private wireless, is working closely with different channels to capture a substantial share.


As many industries accelerate digital transformation, traditional managed service providers must adapt their offerings to the new paradigm.


Today’s MSPs face increasing competition from small consulting firms, vendors, and other players. To remain competitive and gain premium customers, they need to research their target market, engage with customers in their own languages, and specialize.


Vonage’s Adam Wilson argues that the pandemic has accelerated more traditional industries into the cloud and “as a service solution,” dramatically changing how IT products and services are delivered.


“The idea that a company’s IT could sit behind a firewall and be safe was instantly outdated when highly functional smartphones arrived in the mid-2000s.”


To stay relevant, channel partners must quickly learn and adapt to the new reality. Part of that new reality is that, while many corporations still prefer hybrid cloud solutions, multi-cloud solutions are now driving business.


"As an aggregator, not only of technology but also of knowledge, we need to show the solution architects and the sales architects and business development to make better decisions and what things work together. We take the opportunity to change the way that we educate," says Arrow's Jeramey James.


Cisco relies on its channel partners to work with their customers to provide these solutions. During this year’s Channel Partners Conference, Andrew Sage, VP, Global Distribution Sales at Cisco, highlighted several programs to help channel partners work with their customers to reduce power consumption, recycle their equipment, and improve sustainability efforts.