It’s not every day that a 110-year-old company says it wants to make doing business easier. But that’s the new mantra shared by Big Blue’s leadership and explained by newly minted channel chief Kate Woolley, formerly the IBM CEO’s chief of staff.


After 15 years of IT cloud adoption, it has become the primary enabler behind enterprise digital transformation.


A global recession may be on the horizon for 2023. The tell-tale signs are rising inflation, interest rate hikes, and a significant drop in home prices. While the U.S. unemployment rate is moderately stable at 3.7%, there have been plenty of layoffs in the technology sector, which may forecast more aggressive cuts in the year ahead.


Now that cybercriminals are more opportunistic than ever and cybercrime is at an all-time high, businesses need to step up their security strategies.


When Facebook rebranded itself as Meta at the end of 2021, Mark Zuckerburg’s vision was to create the next digital frontier.


The number of technology companies implementing hiring freezes or laying off employees is increasing by the day.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic threw the entire electronics and hardware supply chain into disarray, cloud adoption has skyrocketed. Instead of waiting months for hardware and parts, many organizations have migrated to the cloud, which has opened up a new era of push-button cloud adoption.


If there was one positive outcome from COVID-19, it’s that it helped us all appreciate the value of live events.


Software sunsetting is as much a reality as software development, but it’s not as frequently discussed.


Cybercrime, including the risk of data breaches, is so prevalent that everyone now understands the need for clear security and privacy regulations.

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