As economists warn of another possible global economic meltdown and stagflation, smart businesses and channel partners know what few others know: Recessions are opportunities, not catastrophes.


To stay relevant, channel partners must quickly learn and adapt to the new reality. Part of that new reality is that, while many corporations still prefer hybrid cloud solutions, multi-cloud solutions are now driving business.


The pandemic has elevated the CIO’s role. As a result, technology solutions providers must not only sell what they need but also keep up with how customers want to forge long-term partnerships with vendors.


"As an aggregator, not only of technology but also of knowledge, we need to show the solution architects and the sales architects and business development to make better decisions and what things work together. We take the opportunity to change the way that we educate," says Arrow's Jeramey James.


Channel partners come in many types and sizes, and there are often many overlapping aspects between different partners. Ultimately, you must make the call on what works for your organization and what types of partners resonate well with your growth goals and customer base.

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