Best practices for adding multiple programs to grow revenue

For many channel partners, initial growth can be very rapid. With a wide variety of potential customers to interface with and hundreds of geographic regions ripe for the picking, expansion can seem easy. But as you settle into a niche, opportunities can become more limited—stalling growth. But with 82% of organizations looking to expand their channel programs in the near future, there is room to grow—so how can channel partners create sustainable growth outside their current environment?

This article looks at best practices for scaling growth by leveraging multiple programs—and how, sometimes, the best way to acquire new business is through new offerings.

Quality Over Quantity—But Within Reason

For modern channel partners, customers are looking for quality over quantity when it comes to channel opportunities. With so many options, companies want to work with channel partners that offer deep expertise, outstanding service, and focused support. Gone are the days of “jack of all trades” channel partners who can do it all (with some exceptions for large consultancies).

That said, diversifying services is a great way to grow business, but it must be done with quality in mind. Offering new programs to customers only works if those programs are as good (or better) than what you are already doing. Do not be afraid to offer customers new products and services, but make sure that these are done strategically and with the goal of delivering the best possible experience to customers. Nothing can shake a customer’s confidence like committing to a new offering only to have a lackluster experience.

Communication Is Key

So, you’ve decided that the best way to grow your channel business is by creating new channels and services for your customers. But before you can sit back and watch the new business roll in, you will need to help your customers understand the benefits of these new offerings. Often, customers contact a channel partner with a specific goal or problem to solve. For example, perhaps they want to expand into a geographic region where they know you have a strong footprint. But there could be an additional opportunity in a different region you have ties to—but the customer can only pursue that if you communicate your regional presence.

As you add new offerings to your repertoire, you must communicate those with your existing customers. Ensure that you clearly explain the benefits they could reap from these new offerings and why they should work with you. The more personalized the messaging, the better.

Prepare Your Teams to Win

Set up your teams for success as you grow your channel offerings by doing the pre-work necessary to get your organization ready. If you have poor training and enablement for your own organization, you can’t expect to win your customers’ business in both the short and long term. Training your teams so they know your new programs inside and out results in better outcomes.

Scaling your business must always be done with intent, which certainly holds true when it comes to creating new channel opportunities for your organization. But by focusing on channel quality, keeping communication lines open and focused on the customer, and ensuring your internal teams are correctly trained, you can use this strategy to grow your business for years to come.

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